Posted in: Moving Posted on: Feb 15th, 2016

Make Moving to Rittenhouse Square Easy With These Great Tips

Rittenhouse Square might just be the heart of Philly. Named for the small park in the center of it (which is one of the five squares included in William Penn’s original design for the city), Rittenhouse is known for its luxurious residences, its great restaurants, and its shopping scene. If you’re moving to Rittenhouse Square, here’s some information to help you get settled.

Facts About Rittenhouse

Philly might be an affordable city compared to other east coast neighbors like New York and DC, but Rittenhouse happens to be one of the priciest areas in town, according to data compiled by Billy Penn. Despite its higher rent costs, Rittenhouse is one of the most populated areas in the city. More than twice the number of people live on each block in the neighborhood than on the blocks of the city’s other 16 most populated neighborhoods.

The area has the most restaurants of any neighborhood in Philly, with a total of 360. But, since the area is so densely populated, that only works out to 18 restaurants per 1,000 people.

Moving Tips

One of the more popular moving companies in Philly is Mambo Movers. Although they do mostly local moves, they also offer a long distance service, so it is feasible that they could pick up and move your stuff from your old to your new apartment in Rittenhouse. The company doesn’t pack, but they will take care of loading and unloading. They also offer hoisting, in case any of your items are too large to fit in through the front door.

If you plan on largely doing your move yourself, it helps to prep in advance. Don’t stay up late the night before packing. Instead, get a full night’s sleep so that you’re well rested and ready to move in the morning. If you’re moving furniture, make sure you have a buddy to help you lift. It helps to remember to pack heavy items, such as books and cast iron pans, in small boxes, so that you don’t overfill them and end up with a big box no one can pick up.

Have some emergency supplies ready while moving to Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia. For example, you’ll want to keep a first aid kit handy, and stock it with bandages, aspirin or other pain relievers, and ice packs. It’s also a good idea to have plenty of water or sports drinks for yourself and the people helping you, as well as snacks, so no one gets hungry during the move.

Navigating the Rittenhouse Neighborhood

Rittenhouse happens to be one of the best neighborhoods in Philly to navigate on foot or with public transit. If you have a car, you’ll have to pay for a parking permit and might find it challenging to find a spot on the neighborhood’s crowded streets. Several SEPTA buses run up and down and across Rittenhouse. The Broad Street line subway, located on the eastern edge of the area, will take you south to the stadiums or north to Temple University and beyond.